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I created a Blog Launch Workflow using Trello. Of course, you can make a copy for your business. Certainly, this is a good starting point for new bloggers. It is equally useful to those who want to establish a blog page to capture more sales or bookings.

When I first launch my own blog, I was so confused and at a loss. Thus, the intention of this blog launch workflow is to provide a structure in launching your blog. It shows the steps and important items that you should have or that you need to execute at every stage.

Though this is for blog launch, you can always modify this board for your other launches. Add or change the items in this board to match your needs.

Blog Launch Workflow

Step 1: Copy the Blog Launch Workflow

Before you start editing the board, you should make a copy by going to Menu, More, then Copy Board. You can name it anything you want. Also, you can add a team. Make sure the Keep cards option is ticked. Then click Create. The board is then copied to your Trello account.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Brainstorming helps you identify what you need to include to your blog. I like listing down ideas on the Braindump column. Like if you remember a step or idea that you have to incorporate to your blog, then you just write them here.

This is also the time to list down or summarise the things you learned from research. On the blog launch workflow, I have listed down some items. For instance, your niche, categories, and frequency of posting.

Before you go to the next stage, sort through your list and allocate them to the other columns. You can also add additional columns as needed.

Swipe Your Copy of the Blog Launch Workflow.

Grab the link to the Blog Launch Workflow Trello Board.

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    Step 3: Create easy access to important links and information

    It is better to place all the important details in one place. Rather than scouring through your site and social media accounts anytime you need them. So I included in the blog launch workflow a column where you can input links.

    Such as links to your blog, your site, social media accounts, passwords, and everything that you have to remember. You can put them under Description. As well as create cards for each item.

    Step 4: Content Creation

    Before you create your content, you should have defined your niche. It is really important to niche down so if you haven’t, please do read articles about how to niche down. If you have done it, then try listing down potential topics. You can create a Google Doc or Spreadsheet for this.

    Next, choose the 2-3 topics that you will include in your launch. These are the blog posts that will be visible to your audience as soon as you launch your blog.

    So it is better to choose an evergreen content that you can really talk about for your first 2-3 blog posts. Afterward, decide on your categories and tags.

    For additional resources on how to write your blog post, you may refer to this blog post on blogging workflow. In addition, you can get a copy of the blogging workflow I created in Trello.

    The blog launch workflow has actionable items that you have to complete before you can move on to the next stage. Once you click the card, you can see the different items that you have to work on.

    Step 5: Create your marketing plan

    Once you have the basic data on your blog, you can move to how you’re going to promote your blog. You can create a marketing plan using a spreadsheet or a Trello board.

    In particular, decide on your blog launch branding. Especially your visuals, content and messaging. In addition, know which platform will you use. Is it Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest?

    Also what form of content are you going to use? Video. Live videos. Behind-the-scenes. If so, then as part of your marketing plan, you should include preparation of the video as one of your actionable items.

    The workflow lists down what you need to prepare for your social media marketing strategy.

    Here is a comprehensive blog post on how to create your marketing plan.

    Step 6: Batch process creation

    In order to work more efficiently, batch process whatever you can. For instance, graphics creation and the video recording can be done in batches. In this case, create a template that you can use for all your promotions. Not just for the launch. They should be on brand.

    You can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva. I use all three depending on what I need to create. Though I use Illustrator primarily. I have included a link to my free Canva templates which you can use for your promotion.

    Swipe Your Copy of the Blog Launch Workflow.

    Grab the link to the Blog Launch Workflow Trello Board.

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      Step 7: Double check your pre-requisites

      In addition to the content creation and marketing plan, here are the pre-requisites that you have to have on your site.

      • Your blog page
      • Categories and tags
      • Blog links on the homepage and menu bar
      • Opt-in forms
      • Permalinks following Post Title NOT post ID
      • Comment moderation settings

      Step 8: Launch your Blog

      Now launch your blog. Move the card to the Completed column. Then open your Launch Phase card and follow the steps in here. Again you can add items or cards as you wish.

      The launch phase focuses on your marketing strategy. The key here is to be active on social media so you can reach as many target audience as possible. When you’re done with it, move to the Completed column.

      Step 9: Review your Post-launch metrics

      You can always do post-launch. This should include post-launch metric analysis. how many subscribers did you get. Where are they coming from? I mean what source. Social media, Pinterest, direct to the site. Also what are the things that you have to improve?

      Step 10: Replicate the Blog Launch Workflow for your other launches creatives co-pilot business support financial services social media services blog management pinterest

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