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The blog post depository gives you a snapshot of all blog posts and their related details. It includes blog links, post analysis, SEO initial checks, and links. This provides effortless access when you need to get links right away to share to any social media platforms.

Browsing through the site and drive takes a lot of time. So the solution to avoid stress on the backend is to make templates and workflows. I also use a third party image sourcing site to store my blog post graphics. Except for the blog featured image and thumbnail. So it was a pain to go to the third party site and my blog to link everything up.

So what can you get from the blog post depository?

Post Analysis

It is important to realize that tracking your blog’s performance leads to successful blogging. Furthermore, using the metrics to address weakness and tap on the strength of your blogging method.

I have included the following metrics which you have to know using Google Analytics or Pinterest analytics.

  • Email sign ups – number of subscribers you get from a particular post
  • Page views
  • Ranking After 1 Week
  • Number of social shares

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    Blog post depository provides initial SEO checks

    Meta description

    This is important for SEO. It is the paragraph that appears on Google searches below your link. So make sure it provides really the main idea of your blog post. This should contain the key phrases of your blog post.

    Most importantly, it should answer the questions”What does it intends to solve?” or “Why I should I click your link and go read your blog post? What’s in it for me?”. This should contain the key phrases of your blog post.

    Alt tag

    Another one critical for SEO. So many people have been emphasizing this. All images must have their ALT tags and descriptions. Similar to the description, the ALT tags should contain the key phrases of your blog post.

    Key phrase / Keyword

    This is your searchable word or phrase. Search engines crawl to your site to see how well you use the keywords. This is the word or phrase you want to rank for with a certain page

    In simple term, this is the main idea of the blog post. Having this prevents you from writing unnecessary ideas on your blog post. You can go back to this when you feel lost or out of an idea.

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    What is the difference between a keyword and a keyphrase?

    Title Variations

    Test your titles to see which performs strongly. Having different titles gives you a view of the best format. Moreover, it helps understand which captivates your target audience most and produce more subscribers. Consequently, it enables you to bring your blogging to the next level by using the best format.

    You can indicate three title variations in the blog post depository. In addition, you can use it for Pinterest. I like creating 2-3 Pinterest graphics with different titles.

    Scheduling Reminder

    The blog post depository asks you to state the status of your blog post. Whether the blog post has been scheduled or due for scheduling. It is a reminder for you to schedule the post. My recommendation is to batch schedule them.

    “For scheduling” means you have finished writing the post but has not published it. “Scheduled” means the blog post is waiting for publication. In this case, you use automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

    The publish date field is indicated also for easier monitoring and reference.

    Links listed down on the blog post depository

    Isn’t it a relief when you just need to look at one file and gather all the links you need? Links include the blog link, YouTube link, and image sourcing link. creatives co-pilot business support financial services social media services blog management pinterest

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